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Latest recipes

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Panna Cotta de caramelo y leche

CAL 454.6kcal
CARB 50.4g
PRO 7.0g
FAT 25.5g
SUG 36.5g
Thumb tarta calabaza

Tarta de calabaza

CAL 451.6kcal
CARB 48.5g
PRO 9.0g
FAT 25.4g
SUG 31.4g
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Galletas de avena y almendras

CAL 559.4kcal
CARB 58.2g
PRO 16.9g
FAT 31.6g
SUG 20.5g
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Dulce de Papaya

CAL 402.6kcal
CARB 103.8g
PRO 0.4g
FAT 0.2g
SUG 100.5g