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Latest recipes

Medium sushi 491425  180

Sushi (maki) de pepino y atún

CAL 270.8kcal
CARB 45.9g
PRO 12.2g
FAT 0.8g
SUG 3.1g
Medium cake 1284548  180

Cheesecake frio

CAL 270.5kcal
CARB 27.1g
PRO 8.3g
FAT 14.4g
SUG 25.4g
Medium 5472358718 2f72c0c434 m

Patatas rellenas

CAL 485.6kcal
CARB 31.7g
PRO 16.1g
FAT 32.6g
SUG 1.9g
Medium descarga  2

Smoothie bowl de frutos rojos

CAL 486.9kcal
CARB 60.9g
PRO 13.1g
FAT 26.6g
SUG 27.9g