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Latest recipes

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Crema halloween de calabaza

CAL 682.4kcal
CARB 99.9g
PRO 21.7g
FAT 22.8g
SUG 13.2g
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Sandwich con salami y pimiento asado

CAL 872.7kcal
CARB 42.6g
PRO 39.6g
FAT 62.0g
SUG 11.9g
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Horchata de arroz

CAL 258.8kcal
CARB 49.4g
PRO 5.7g
FAT 4.9g
SUG 30.4g
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Cestas de jamón con huevo

CAL 380.8kcal
CARB 0.6g
PRO 10.7g
FAT 37.1g
SUG 0.3g