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Latest recipes

Thumb cupcakes animales

Cupcakes de vainilla.

CAL 560.2kcal
CARB 94.7g
PRO 12.4g
FAT 16.7g
SUG 50.4g
Thumb tea 1565909  180

Quiche de calabacin

CAL 636.5kcal
CARB 34.1g
PRO 16.8g
FAT 48.5g
SUG 5.5g
Thumb images  1

Dulce de Papaya

CAL 402.6kcal
CARB 103.8g
PRO 0.4g
FAT 0.2g
SUG 100.5g
Thumb strawberries 1353274  180

Mini cake strawberries

CAL 278.8kcal
CARB 39.0g
PRO 4.2g
FAT 12.1g
SUG 20.7g