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Thumb crema de anchoas en vinagreta

Crema de anchoas en vinagreta

CAL 264.2kcal
CARB 13.6g
PRO 7.0g
FAT 20.2g
SUG 3.4g
Thumb food 1124805  180

Carne esmechada guisada

CAL 610.0kcal
CARB 8.6g
PRO 43.6g
FAT 45.2g
SUG 4.1g
Thumb foodiesfeed.com pho bo pho ga in a restaurant

Rollitos de primavera

CAL 397.1kcal
CARB 51.2g
PRO 13.8g
FAT 14.3g
SUG 8.7g
Thumb chapati 931901  180

Panquecas de avena Fit

CAL 359.0kcal
CARB 55.4g
PRO 24.5g
FAT 4.4g
SUG 15.5g