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Latest recipes

Thumb cuisine 686905  180

Chop suey de camarones

CAL 269.1kcal
CARB 25.1g
PRO 27.4g
FAT 8.1g
SUG 7.1g
Thumb noodles de arroz

Noodles de arroz con gambas y shiitakes

CAL 143.1kcal
CARB 17.5g
PRO 3.3g
FAT 7.6g
SUG 4.6g
Thumb pizza 1072469  180

Pizza integral con aguacate

CAL 665.7kcal
CARB 106.1g
PRO 21.2g
FAT 22.5g
SUG 5.1g
Thumb tomatoes 1476094 960 720

Tomates cherrys salteados

CAL 116.5kcal
CARB 7.4g
PRO 1.0g
FAT 9.9g
SUG 5.0g